27 Mei 2015

A Finish Line

Words are indeed beautiful.

Beautiful enough to create a soft blush around women's cheeks, whispered softly, written neatly, by their men.

Beautiful enough to describe remarkable things we wont forget.

So enough for it to explain something we want to explain.

So pretty that we could communicate, and how we didnt realize in every it, there are so much meanings we're not aware of.

And how beautiful it is that we could laugh, cry, and smile in both of sadness and happiness at the same time.

Such beatiful that we could sometimes serenade it by a beautiful melodies.

But there are  some things that even words can not explain.

Or how a simple silence can make everything seems clear.

Three years is indeed, a long time.

Enough for a kid to learn to walk and speak

Enough for a blossom to bloom almost three times

A long time for a long-awaiting lover to see her lover

An enough time for a child to become a boy, become a girl

Enough time for some grow-up children to write colorful stories, memories, unforgettable moments...

... but not enough to finish it.

Song  : Depapepe - This Way
Videos : Kovalen & Venyu, 1NightProduction

I still remember the first time I wrote this blog in my first year as a senior high school student

There are so much things I want to write until I couldnt, because there are so many of them. Yet, I realize that everything I wrote here, is so much precious that I refuse to forget it.

And now, for the first time, I dont know what to write here...

... and I dont know how to express how burdening it is to leave my senior years, and how I feel about you guys after all this time...

Because even words now failed to explain

"It's been a long way from where we began, and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again..."

"Jika tua nanti kita telah hidup masing-masing, ingatlah hari ini."

May 19th 2015.


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